This manual contains twelve chapters. Here is a brief overview of each chapter:

Chapter 1: “About GT.M introduces GT.M administration and operations.

Chapter 2: “Installing GT.M provides procedures for installing GT.M.

Chapter 3: “Basic Operations describes operations required to start GT.M and keep it running.

Chapter 4: “Global Directory Editor describes global directories, which control placement and access of global variables, and explains how to use the Global Directory Editor (GDE) to create and maintain global directories.

Chapter 5: “General Database Management describes how to use a GT.M utility called MUPIP to perform database and non-database operations.

Chapter 6: “GT.M Journaling describes the journaling capabilities of GT.M.

Chapter 7: “Database Replication describes how to implement continuous application availability using multiple systems.

Chapter 8: “M Lock Utility (LKE) describes how to use a GT.M utility called M Lock Utility (LKE) to examine and adjust M locks.

Chapter 9: “GT.M Database Structure(GDS) provides an overview of GT.M Database Structure (GDS).

Chapter 10: “Database Structure Editor describes how to use the Database Structure Editor (DSE) to examine and modify sections of the database, should that ever be necessary.

Chapter 11: “Maintaining Database Integrity describes procedures for verifying and maintaining the integrity of GDS databases.

Chapter 12: “Database Encryption describes procedures for encrypting data in the database and journal files.

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