Chapter 5. General Database Management

Revision History
Revision V7.0-00012 February 2021
Revision V6.3-01406 October 2020
Revision V6.3-01330 June 2020
  • In “BACKUP”, Indicate that "-B" is not sufficient to indicate a "-BYTESTREAM" backup. It must be at least "-BY".

  • In “-[NO]A[UTORELEASE”, specify that GT.M does not honor MUPIP SET commands even when -AUTORELEASE is set.

  • In “Operations - Standalone and Concurrent Access, remove a redundant and add a reference to the MUPIP Command Summary table.

  • In “SET”, Remove a bullet point about standalone access.

  • In MUPIP Command Summary”, add a new Standalone Access column; correct note about EXTRACT; change -B[YTESTREAM] to -BY[TESTREAM]; change STD[NULLSUBS] to STD[NULLCOLL]; remove SPIN[_SLEEP_LIMIT]

Revision V6.3-01208 April 2020
Revision V6.3-01120 December 2019
Revision V6.3-01031 October 2019
Revision V6.3-00927 June 2019
Revision V6.3-00824 April 2019
  • In “SET”, add information about the -[NO]ENCYRPTABLE and -ENCRYPTIONCOMPLETE qualifiers

Revision V6.3-00704 February 2019
Revision V6.3-00626 October 2018
Revision V6.3-00503 July 2018
  • In “-Database”, remove reference to magnetic tape

  • In “BACKUP”, change "breaking a disk mirror" to "disk mirroring".

  • In “EXTRACT”, remove reference to magnetic tape, add -NULL_IV, and corrections for -SELECT.

Revision V6.3-00423 March 2018
Revision V6.3-00312 December 2017
Revision V6.3-00222 August 2017
  • In “SET”, correct abbreviations for -SLEEP_SPIN_COUNT and -SPIN_SLEEP_LIMIT.

Revision V6.3-00120 March 2017
Revision V6.2-00217 June 2015
  • In “SET”, added the [NO]EPOCHTAPER and -[NO]DEFER_ALLOCATE qualifiers.

  • In “INTEG ”, added a recommendation against running ONLINE INTEG as the same time as MUPIP REORG.

  • In “RUNDOWN” and “FREEZE ”, specified that a successful rundown turns off any MUPIP FREEZE.

Revision V6.2-00127 February 2015
  • In “LOAD”, added the new ONERROR qualifier and information about automatically detecting file format (BINARY/ZWR/GO).

  • In “EXTRACT”, added the REGION qualifier.

  • In “SIZE” and “INTEG ” , added information about adjacency reporting.

  • In In “TRIGGER”, added information about return status, LGTRIG journal records, and specified that MUPIP TRIGGER -SELECT works even if a multi-line XECUTE string does not terminate with a newline character.

  • In “TRIGGER”, added trigger expression source line limit, the UPGRADE qualifier, and a note about how MUPIP TRIGGER operates within a TP transaction.

  • In “Introduction”, specified that GT.M processes performing read operations can access databases on a filesystem mounted read-only.

  • Added the new “RCTLDUMP” command.

  • Added the new “-Relinkctl” qualifier for MUPIP RUNDOWN.

Revision V6.1-00001 August 2014
  • In “Introduction”, added a note recommending against runing any GT.M component as root.

Revision V6.0-00327 January 2014
Revision V6.0-001/210 April 1013

In “BACKUP”, added notes for "Before starting a MUPIP BACKUP".

Revision V6.0-001/122 March 1013

Improved the formatting of all command syntaxes.

Revision V6.0-00127 February 2013
  • In “BACKUP”, added information about the BKUPRUNNING message and added information on the handling of KILLs in Progress and Abandoned Kills during a backup.

  • In “EXTRACT”, added the description of -STDOUT.

  • In MUPIP INTEG, specified the threshold limit of incorrectly marked busy errors in “-MAP” and added information on clearing KILLs in Progress and Adandoned Kills.

Revision V6.0-000/121 November 2012
Revision V6.0-00019 October 2012

In MUPIP SET, added the description of “-INST_freeze_on_error”.

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