Chapter 6. GT.M Journaling

Revision History
Revision V7.0-00012 February 2021
Revision V6.3-01330 June 2020
Revision V6.3-01208 April 2020
Revision V6.3-01031 October 2019
Revision V6.3-00927 June 2019
Revision V6.3-00704 February 2019
Revision V6.3-00626 October 2018
Revision V6.3-00423 March 2018
Revision V6.3-00312 December 2017
Revision V6.3-00222 August 2017
Revision V6.3-00120 March 2017
Revision V6.2-00127 February 2015

In Journal Extract Formats”, added information about the LGTRIG field.

Revision V6.0-001/122 March 1013
Revision V6.0-00127 February 2013

In “-EXtract[=<file-name>|-stdout], added information about the gtm_extract_nocol environment variable.

Revision V6.0-000/121 November 2012

Updated SET -JOURNAL Options ” and the journaling limits for V6.0-000.

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