Chapter 11. Integrating External Routines

Revision History
Revision V6.3-009 27 June 2019
Revision V6.3-006 26 October 2018
Revision V6.3-005 29 June 2018
Revision V6.3-001 20 March 2017
Revision V6.1-000 28 August 2014
Revision V6.0-003 24 February 2014
Revision V6.0-001 21 March 2013

In Using External Calls” and “gtmxc_types.h”, added information about V6.0-001 enhancements for gtmxc_types.h.

Table of Contents

Access to Non-M Routines
Creating a Shareable Library
Using External Calls
Database Encryption Extensions to the GT.M External Interface
Pre-allocation of Output Parameters
Callback Mechanism
Limitations on the External Program
Examples of Using External Calls
Calls from External Routines: Call-Ins
Relevant files for Call-Ins
Call-In Interface
Building Standalone Programs
Nested Call-Ins
Rules to Follow in Call-Ins
Type Limits for Call-ins and Call-outs