Chapter 3. Basic Operations

Revision History
Revision V7.1-000 04 April 2023
Revision V7.0-005 02 December 2022
Revision V7.0-004 20 September 2022
Revision V7.0-003 24 June 2022
Revision V7.0-002 29 March 2022
Revision V7.0-001 24 November 2021
Revision V7.0-000 12 February 2021
  • In “Environment Variables”, If gtm_tprestart_log_delta is defined and gtm_tprestart_log_first is not defined, GT.M initializes gtm_tprestart_log_first to 0

Revision V6.3-014 06 October 2020
  • In “Environment Variables”, added gtm_coredump_filter, revised gtm_baktmpdir, gtm_snaptmpdir, remove references to the deprecated gtm_log, and specify that gtm_statshare is applied only after a db file is opened.

Revision V6.3-013 30 June 2020
Revision V6.3-012 08 April 2020
Revision V6.3-011 20 December 2019
Revision V6.3-010 31 October 2019
  • In “Logging”, Added additional documentation to the Direct Mode Auditing (or APD) feature. Specifically, more information on how to compile and run the logger programs is added.

  • In “Environment Variables”, correct the definition of gtm_retention; add gtm_max_indrcache_count which got removed in revision V6.3-009 due to a documentation error.

Revision V6.3-009 27 June 2019
Revision V6.3-008 24 April 2019
Revision V6.2-001 27 February 2015
  • In “Environment Variables”, corrected the description of gtm_tpnotacidtime and added the descriptions of gtm_boolean, gtm_autorelink_shm, and gtm_autorelink_keeptrn.

  • Updated “gtmprofile ” for V6.2-001 enhancements.

Revision V6.1-000 01 August 2014

In “Environment Variables”, improved the descriptions of gtm_tpnotacidtime and gtm_zquit_anyway and added the descriptions of gtmcrypt_config, gtmtls_passwd_<tlslabel>, and gtmcrypt_FIPS.

Revision V6.0-003/1 19 February 2014

In “Environment Variables”, improved the description of gtm_nocenable.

Revision V6.0-003 27 January 2014
Revision V6.0-001 27 February 2013
Revision V6.0-000/1 21 November 2012
  • In “Environment Variables”, added the description of the environment variables gtm_tprestart_log_delta, gtm_tprestart_log_first, gtm_tpnotacidtime, and gtm_zmaxtptime.

  • Added a note which states that the environment variable gtm_log is ignored from V6.0-000 onwards.

Revision V6.0-000 19 October 2012 In “Environment Variables”, added the description of the environment variable gtm_custom_errors.

Table of Contents

GT.M Environment Setup
Environment Variables
Configuring and operating GT.M with Unicode® support (optional)
M mode and UTF-8 mode
Compiling ICU
Starting GT.M
Configuring huge pages for GT.M x86[-64] on Linux
Using huge pages
Configuring the Restriction facility
ZSYSTEM and PIPE OPEN command restriction facility
Audit Logging facility